JMSN ' 2019

Years active: 2010s
Genres: R&B Pop/Rock
Stylez: Alternative R&B Contemporary R&B
Producer/songwriter Christian Berishaj was born in the greater Detroit area and quickly developed a fascination with music and performance. He started recording his own music at age 12 and by the time he was 18 he'd gone through various different bands and projects, including recording an album as Love Arcade on which he wrote and performed every sound. Love Arcade was eventually signed to Atlantic records, with a self-titled album on which Berishaj was the sole performer coming out in 2006. A touring band was assembled around the project but none of the members ever played on any recordings and the group broke up after three years. Following Love Arcade, Berishaj relocated to Los Angeles and worked briefly under the moniker Christian TV, licensing songs in various films and television and signing a deal with Universal Motown Records. The label folded and Berishaj again reconfigured, taking on the name JMSN and producing more R&B inspired music, taking a decided step away from the pop leanings of previous projects. He self-released his debut Priscilla in early 2012, earning high praise from press and his artistic contemporaries as well. He followed with the next year with the Pllaje EP and a lengthy tour. JMSN spent much of 2014 prepping his next full-length, The Blue Album. The Blue Album's release date was delayed but eventually saw release in late 2014.
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